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Comeback Kid are a Canadian Hardcore punk
Comeback Kid

Years Active

2002 to present


Hardcore punk

band formed in 2002 in Winnipeg. 

They started off with Scott Wade behind the microphone, until he decided to call it quits after a few years and a couple of albums (and a good many shows!). 

They have gone and shown us that apart from the usual music albums, they are happy to release odd songs like the 2018 Beds Are Burning/Little Soiilder, which are nothing short of awesome by the way

Current members

Andrew Neufeld  Vocals  2006-present (guitar 2002-2006)

Jeremy Hiebert  Guitar   2002-present

Stu Ross         Guitar    2012-present

Ross Friesen    Bass     2014-present

Loren Legare Drums 2015-present

Former members

Scott Wade  Vocals  2002-2006

Kevin Call     Bass    2003-2007

Kyle Profeta  Drums  2002-2014

Matt Keil      Bass    2008-2014

Cliff Heide    Bass    2002-2003

Casey Hiejelmberg      Guitar   2007-2012

Jesse Labotiv         Drums        2014-2015

Studio albums

Turn It Around     2003

Wake The Dead   2005

Broadcasting     2007

Symptons And Cures   2010

Die Knowing        2014

Outsider 2017