Saves The Day are an American rock band from Princeton, New Jersey in 1994

Saves The Day

Years Active

1994 to present


Indie rock, Power pop, Emo


Studio Albums

Can't Slow Down                 1998

Through Being Cool             1999

Stay What You Are               2001

In Reverie                                2003

Sound The Alarm                   2006

Under The Boards                2007

Daybreak                              2011

Saves-The-Day               2013

9                                2018

Current Members

Chris Conley     Vocals   1994-present and guitar 2002-present bass 1994-1998

Arun Bali           Guitar         2009-present

Rodrigo Palma   Bass           2009-present

Dennis Wilson    Drums         2013-present

Former Members

Bryan Newman       Drums       1994-2002

Justin Gaylord        Guitar         1994-1997

Manuel Carrero       Bass          2005-2008

Reed Black         Keyboard (in concert only)   2003-2005

Pete Parada        Drums         2002-2007

Durijah Lang       Drums          2007-2009

Ted Alexander     Guitar          1998-2002

Eben D'Amico     Bass            1999-2005