Straight Edge is a good way to go. It means you don't have to worry about the effects of those illegal drugs (or going behind bars for using or posessing them) and you don't get hooked on no cigarettes and worry about the results of such a lifetime habit.

Importantly, you don't get drunk and wake up the next morning regretting what you've done!

Straight Edge should not be confused with people who merely live such a lifestyle, but don't associate with the music as performers or fans. Such people include Bruce Dickinson, Mark Hoppus, Hayley Williams and Anne Robinson.

People who chose to live this way include...

Andy Hurley

Chad Gilbert

Cove Reber

Ian Mccaye

Ian Watkins

JT Woodruff

Matt Fox

Mike Lewis

Paul Khoeler

Ray Cappo

Tim Mclrath

People who lost the edge (as does sometimes happen) include...

Adam Russell 2000-2004

Andrew Neufeld 1997-2000

Billy Hamilton

Dan Marsala 1994-2007

Lee Gaze

Pete Wentz early 1990s-prior to 2007