The Anatomy Of Tounge In Cheek




Pop punk, Christian Rock

The Anatomy Of Tounge In Cheek is the second album by Relient K and was released in 2001. It has a broader range of sounds and expands on the witty upbeat style of their first album.


  1. Kick off
  2. Pressing on
  3. Sadie hawkings dance
  4. Down in flame
  5. Maybe it's maybeline
  6. Breakdown
  7. Those words are not enough
  8. For the moments I feel faint
  9. I'm Lion O
  10. What have you been doing lately?
  11. May the horse be with you
  12. My way or the highway
  13. The rest is up to you
  14. Failure to excommunicate
  15. Less is more